Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Ok so the weekend rewind actually consists of a rewind from about 4 days considering I've been off work since mid-afternoon on Thursday. Our offices closed early on New Year's Eve & Hubby & I have certainly been enjoying our New Years break. We had pretty simple plans to ring in the New Year consisting of dinner with one of our favorite couples, Derek & Andrea. We had a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant & then we came home for chocolate fondue and a few other snacks. Unfortunately Derek started feeling sick not too long after we got to our house so he headed home for a good night's sleep! Andrea stuck around to ring in the New Year (don't worry she tried to go home but Derek insisted she stick around & have fun with Hubby & I).

For New Year's Day Hubby & I had plans to do some shopping & then go see a basketball game at my college alma mater...Missouri State University. It was a fantastic day starting with Chick-fil-A for lunch & then I managed to hit the jackpot. Dillard's was having an incredible shoe sale & I was able to find a pair of BCBG boots--normally $150, marked down to $80 with an additional 50% off--which means I got a $150 pair of boots for $40! SCORE!!! I was also able to find another pair of shoes normally about $100 that I brought home for $25! Banana Republic was also having a great sale with an additional 30% off any sale items so Hubby & I were both able to bring some great things home. We had dinner with my parents at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants & then took in a great basketball game. It was a super-exciting game & I know we'll be headed to more games this season.

On Saturday we ran some errands in the morning and then headed down to my great aunt & uncle's house for our last Christmas gathering. This celebrations is the one that used to be on Christmas Eve Eve and involves both sides of my family. It was a nice afternoon and then Hubby & I came home for a relaxing evening. Relaxing is a relative term because we also volunteered to dogsit. This normally only involves one dog but my parents' are dog-sitting my brother's dog so we had Josie & Romo for about 5 hours. It's also freezing cold outside so we brought Bogey in. Let's just say it was very entertaining to watch the 3 of them interact. Hubby & I managed to get in a quick pizza dinner & the dogs finally relaxed enough so that we could watch a movie...Night at the Museum 2: Return to the Smithsonian. It was definitely entertaining but not quite as good as the first.

Romo loves to pose for pictures...he is so adorable & such a great puppy! He & Bogey definitely had some fun when we had all 3 of the pups in the house.

I think Bogey was a little jealous...all he wanted to do was play & have fun!

If they're not sleeping, Josie & Romo spend most of their time wrestling & attacking each other. It's quite hilarious to see!

Sunday morning we woke up to about 3" of snow on the ground which turned into about 5" by the time the snow stopped falling. Church wasn't cancelled so we headed to church and then we loaded up our snow gear & Bogey & headed down to my parents' house for the afternoon. After a quick lunch we bundled up and headed outside to enjoy the winter wonderland. Bogey LOVES the snow. We hooked up a sled to the 4-wheelers and had a great time playing outside for the afternoon. Bogey came home and crashed so I think he had a great time!!!

All decked out for the cold!

Don't you love the least he was warm!

Getting everything hooked up for the sledding festivities!

My dad and his "other" little girl, Josie.

Hubby holding on tight!

My view from the sled! It was sooo much fun!

My grandpa's pond...almost completely frozen over. I have no doubt it will be solid ice & maybe even thick enough to drive on after the freezing temps that are forecast for this week.

Bogey had tons of fun with his puppy friends! He absolutely loves the snow!

Self-portrait...pretty good with gloves on in the freezing cold!

My dad taking Hubby for one last ride. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

This week the weather forecast is less than desirable. The temperatures aren't supposed to get above 20 degrees and while we've already got 5" of snow on the ground they're calling for at least that much more on Wednesday. Bogey may get to spend a few nights inside if the temps are supposed to fall below zero! I'm all about a good snow, but this sub-zero temperature stuff is FOR THE BIRDS!!!!


Brittney Galloway said...

Wow, what a fun weekend! I'm so jealous of your snow! I've only seen snow when I was in Jordan, and I've never gotten to play in it...sad!

Lindsey said...

How fun!! Great pictures!

Heather said...

I am loving all that snow!! So fun, and such great pics! Mollie Kate is going crazy over your dogs and keeps saying "bark bark." :)

CJ said...

Great pics, looks like lot of fun. Happy new year

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

yay great deal on the boots and shoes! you'll have to share pics=)! i love all of the snow pics, so cute!! that looked like so much fun! hope you're having a wonderful weekend!