Thursday, January 14, 2010

Impatient or God's Voice?

That is the question in our house right now. Are we impatient or are we hearing God's voice loud & clear? Hubby & I have some fairly important decisions to make & right now we are struggling. We thought we knew which direction to head & that God had spoken loud & clear, then due to some experiences we had the feeling that God was trying to tell us to go back in the original direction because it wasn't time for us to change directions quite yet...& now we're just not so sure. Neither option is inherently bad, it's just a matter of what we feel is the right decision for us. The most recent experiences (in relation to both directions) have really been so strange that you can't help but think...God, is that you? Are you trying to cry out to us in a way that we will truly hear you?

Sometimes I have such a strong desire for God to be sitting right next to me all the time so I can look Him in the eye and say, "Ok, what now?" I know He's here with us all the time but sometimes I struggle so much with trying to discern his voice & his direction from the false thoughts & feelings that are truly just a product of this world I'm living in.

Due to the circumstances, I truly feel that God will bless us regardless of which direction we choose; however, that doesn't mean we won't experience some anxiety in praying that we have made the right decision. One of our hopes for this new year were new opportunities & no matter which way we go, those new opportunities will be available.

Heavenly Father, please reveal your true wisdom to us. Lead us strongly in the right direction & open our eyes to the best decision for our future, for our family...for You. Let us be patient in waiting for the right answer & while we wait help us to faithfully follow you and bring glory to you each & every day of our life.


Mrs. A said...

praying for you sweet friend that you get the signs you need to feel good about your decisions.

Tiffany said...

Sometimes it really is tough to know! I want God to come sit in my living room and tell me what to do! I pray you feel such peace about the decision God has for you and your hubby when He's ready to reveal it to you!

Brittney Galloway said...

That is so hard to do- I know exactly what you mean. I just said a little prayer for you for wisdom and discernment.

Mrs. Big said...

I loved that you said no matter which direction you go, God will bless you.

I have been struggling with a move coming up next week and I totally needed to read that. Thank you. :-)

I will definitely be saying prayers for a clearer direction from God to you.

Risley said...

aw! thanks for the 101 award!
choices are always hard..