Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Well, while the weathermen might have not been completely accurate in their forecast, we still had quite a bit of snow. We ended up with about 6" by the time it was all said & done. Most of the snow came on Friday during the day & then on into the evening hours. It was definitely beautiful to watch fall.
Friday night we didn't stray to far from home with all the snow so we grabbed dinner at a local pizza joint & came back to the house so Bogey could have some indoor time--we watched "The Invention of Lying." I can't really say that I would recommend it--definitely 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back.
Our frontyard landscaping all covered in snow...the funny thing is that below all that snow I've already got tulips & daffodils starting to come up! Bring on Spring!
Backyard as the snow continues to fall...
Bogey...why oh why wouldn't you let me take a good action shot?!?
The snow came down extremely fast on Friday--it just kept piling up!

Messing with the black & white...I love how the snowflakes stand out!

I was supposed to work on Saturday morning but thanks to my wonderful co-worker she called & said she could handle things on her own so I wouldn't have to drive down. It's only about a 15 minute drive, but with the roads it probably would have taken 35-45 minutes. Plus, we both knew that we most certainly wouldn't be least I got one snow day out of the winter storm. I took advantage of my unexpected morning off & did most of the laundry, shoveled off most of the back porch & caught up on a few other things around the house.
After Hubby got home from work we had a quick lunch & then headed to my college alma mater to watch a basketball game. Unfortunately it was a heartbreaker, but definitely entertaining. They were playing the #1 team in their conference so it would have been a great win if they could have pulled it off! After the game we wasted a little bit of time & then met up with some friends from church at Bandana's BBQ. We had a nice laid back dinner and then spent some time just visiting before heading home. We are so blessed to have so many great couples that we can spend time with on a regular basis.
Today we had church, ate lunch at a local Chinese spot, & then came home to work around the house a bit. Even though the sun is melting the snow quite a bit we decided to attempt to shovel off our driveway. As you can see we gave up before we were finished & decided to let the sun do the rest of the work. It's also warm enough that we played with Bogey a little outside. He LOVES the snow & loves to try and bite it. We definitely had some fun messing with him.

Our less than halfway shoveled driveway!

Hubby working hard on the front patio

My buddy year round, but definitely during tax season! Love you Bogey!

Bogey loved to watch Hubby shovel the snow & he also loves to eat the snow...

Hubby thought he would surprise him!

Poor Bogey!

I just loved this shot, with the snow & also the signs that Spring is coming soon!

Just me...

Another typical tax season work week ahead of us...ok, well that's not completely true because Thursday is MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm a huge birthday person so I'm already excited.


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

great pics! glad you didn't have to work on sat! oh boy i bet you and bogey do get to spend some quality time together during tax season ;) love that blue on you, so pretty!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Girl you are so luckey I wish it would snow here I can't wait to move so I can see some snow sounds like your weekend was awesome!Great pictures by the way!!

♥Stephanie H.

Kathryn said...

What great pictures...and Bogey is so cute! Harley and and Bailey have loved playing in it....and Harley just lays down and eats and eats until I make her come inside. They are so crazy!

Heather said...

Look at all that snow!!!!! agh!! I wish I was there! it's beautiful! Happy early birthday!

Risley said...

I love your photos! yeah for snow days!!
your dog is SO CUTE!!!!

Kristin said...

Love that b&w shot. I would be psyched to get out in the snow and play right now. It's been so rainy and icky in Tampa today!