Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

As today is the day to celebrate the daddy's in our lives, I can't let it go by without mentioning what an incredible father God blessed me with. I've always been & always will be daddy's little girl & I am so honored to be able to work beside him each day.

Thanks for singing "Hush Little Baby" to me as a bedtime song long after I was old enough to fall asleep on my own. And thanks for telling me the story of the rainbow bunnies, oh what a joy your bedtime stories were.

For giving us experiences in our young lives that even know we won't forget. For playing outside with us, and taking us on priceless adventures to show us the wonders of the world.
Thanks for being a daddy to Nick & I. A dad who was always there, for breakfast, lunch, dinner & late night milkshakes.

Thanks for supporting us in our crazy schedules. For never missing a sporting event, music performance, or honors' night...unless Nick & I had a conflict of timing.

Thanks for catching me when I fell, literally or figuratively. Even when it meant meeting me below a staircase & holding me tight.

Thanks for walking me down the aisle...on the happiest day of my life so far. Thanks for giving me an incredible example of what kind of man I deserve to have in my life & teaching me to never settle for less than the best.

And thanks for giving me away, to the man who leads my home now & the man who God sent for me; but also the man who in so many ways is just like you.

Thank for teaching me that Jesus loves me & died for me. Thank you for answering all the questions my curious mind wanted to know.

Thanks Dad, for loving Mom with your whole heart so that Nick & I can know what a marriage full of love looks like & that we can always have faith that marriages can have honeymoon periods even after almost 35 years of marriage.
I love you dad, and look forward with joy at with the future will hold for you & me together.


Lindsey said...

Aw such a sweet post! Great pics!

Bethany said...

That was so sweet, Lauren!