Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Rewind is HOTTTT outside. With temperatures forecast in the 90s all week & high humidity I'm planning on spending most of my time indoors to keep from melting!

The weekend wasn't much different in regards to the weather. Friday night was pretty relaxed as Hubby & I spent time working in the yard & visiting with our neighbors. We are so blessed to have such a great neighborhood full of friendly people!

Saturday I had to work & Hubby had class so I dropped Bogey off at my parents' so we could enjoy some pool time after work. It's definitely hot enough outside that if you're not in the water being outside at all isn't even an option. I had invited my good friend Andrea & her kiddos to join us at the pool & we had a fabulous afternoon. I just love watching little kids in the pool...they both definitely got much more brave as the afternoon wore on.

Hubby & I had plans to meet up with another couple for dinner at a new place in town called HuHot. Most everyone I've talked to has loved it & I was really excited...too bad a bad summer storm came through and knocked out their power for the night. Bummer! So on to Plan B which was Five Spice China Grille...a local variation of PF Chang's with crab rangoon that are to die for! We spent the rest of the evening just chatting it up with our good friends!

Yesterday was obviously Father's Day & another hot one. Hubby's dad is in Michigan so we only had official Father's Day plans with my family which weren't until later in the day. My precious mother-in-law is in town to visit her mom (Hubby's grandma) & we were able to work in a nice lunch with her after church. The rest of the afternoon consisted of picking up Bogey & heading back down to my parents' for some pool time. My brother & his wife joined us for a dinner of steak, potatoes & homemade ice cream with brownies. It was a great evening in celebration of my wonderful dad!

Today has been crazy, a typical Monday that also included 3 hours of computer setup for one of the new systems in our office. We aren't big enough to need an official IT person and as the youngest employee in the office I am the default computer repair woman. I'm definitely not very tech savvy and basically only know enough to get myself into trouble. Oh how I love that part of my job!


Ria Thurston said...

Crazines! Wow, That hot?? Yikes!! Hope it cools down a bit :)

Brittney Galloway said...

ha, that's really funny that you are the default IT person!