Friday, June 4, 2010

Riviera Maya Recap...Time to Play!

After getting settled in on Sunday, Hubby had made plans to play a round of golf on Monday morning. I decided to join him to keep him company & to be the official photographer. I'm so glad I went! The course was absolutely gorgeous & we probably had one of our best meals of the trip (both with food & view) while visiting the golf course.

Nick was excited because a PGA Tour event is played at this course every year...this normally means a great course!

The clubhouse...I love the modern look!

Hubby next to the starting clock...

What a great way to start off! This cenote (underground cave) was in the middle of the fairway on the first hole. Hubby wanted me to hurry up and take a picture because Mr. Iguana was in a hole in the rock right above his head & started hissing at him! Someone wasn't very happy that we were disturbing his home!

Part of the lagoon surrounding the course

The view from one of the holes. Beautiful! Yes, I'm was SUPER hot and having my shoes off always seems to help keep me cool! Plus, the grass felt wonderful on my feet. Ok, yes I'm a dork!

Hubby looking like a pro!

Me not looking like a pro but hopefully looking cute anyway!

Our reptilian friends even joined us on the golf course...this was a big guy!

The course only had 2 main holes that were on the water but they had gorgeous views!

Hubby was worried the course might be busy but he actually ended up being only 1 of 2 golfers on the course that morning. This was fantastic as he was able to play very quickly but still enjoy the beautiful scenery. After the quick round, we cooled off a bit & then asked to be taken to a restaurant on the property we had noticed during the round.
Can I just say the atmosphere & view were stunning?!? We had a fabulous lunch complete with calamari, a burger & fries for Hubby, & probably the best piece of grilled grouper I've ever eaten. We had a great time relaxing, especially since we were the only couple in the restaurant until we were almost ready to leave.

Hubby is sitting at our table up out of the sun..isn't the view amazing!

$971.30 for lunch!?! Ok, that's actually in pesos, so no worries!

Hubby & I at the restaurant...what a fabulous experience!

After lunch, we hopped in our taxi & headed back to the resort. We were able to change into our suits & get down to the beach for plenty of relaxation. We had a decent dinner on the resort & then headed to the "Pure" Chill Out area. This was an area with several open-air canopy beds, couches, & a small wading pool. It would have been much more enjoyable without the mosquitos & without Hubby sitting in a spot where someone with a wet swimsuit had sat just a little bit before. He wasn't too thrilled about having extremely wet shorts! Aww...poor Hubby!

It was a really modern, neat area that was great for relaxing!

As you can see, I got a little bit of sun this day. I definitely cranked up the sunscreen use the next day...

Next up...another day of relaxing & then XPLOR!


Ria Thurston said...

GREAT pictures :) Love the sun... it turns to tan right?? So worth it!

Brittney Galloway said...

Wow, that's so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful day!