Monday, June 28, 2010

House Hunters

In all reality there hasn't been much excitement going on in the Layman house as very evident by my lack of blogging. I've been busy at work and we've spent our evenings at home trying our best to stay cool in the crazy heat we've been experiencing.

Hubby & I did have a great weekend full of pipe dreams about our future homes. This weekend was the the local HBA Parade of Homes. There were about 15 homes that were open to the public for viewing. We love doing this together & we had such a great time. We both took off work on Friday at noon so we could tour the homes while avoiding some of the crowds. The weather was still ridiculously hot, so what better to do than tour beautiful, air-conditioned homes.

We saw homes on Friday priced everywhere from $225,900-$750,000. Honestly, the highest priced house was our least favorite. We did manage to find a home that will now constantly be in the back of our minds as a floor plan for our next house. Unfortunately the air conditioner wasn't working well in the horrible heat wave so we weren't able to look at every little detail. However, we fell in love with everything about the house & if we could have simply picked it up and moved it to a piece of land we would have done so in a hearbeat! Ok, well the finances might have to increase slightly as well...but it's still definitely doable! Friday we also grabbed a nice dinner before heading home. For all you Sonic lovers, they are currently having a BOGO shake promotion so we capped off the evening with dessert from Sonic and our town's local fireworks show. We parked on a church lot & had a great time seeing the fireworks without all the crowds.

Saturday Hubby had class--his last one for this section...YEAH!!!! I went to a bridal shower for a distant cousin. It was a great time with fabulous brunchy food & lots of my family members that I don't get to see very often. I spent the rest of the afternoon laying around the house & I might have worked in a nice little nap.

Saturday evening we put on our House Hunter shoes again, picked up Hubby's mom & headed out to look at some nice subdivisions. They'll be retiring back here very soon and are currently on the search for a great place to live. We drove all over one of the nicer subdivisions in the area and found some great houses for sale and also some nice empty lots. We also grabbed a very gourmet dinner of Chic-fil-A...YUMM!! and then headed out to look at some other subdivisions. One of the homes on tour was still open as it is being given away very soon with all the proceeds going to the St. Jude Dream Home. We had a blast looking at the home & dreaming about what might be possible one day.

Yesterday we headed to church, where we had a great service about spiritual warfare & not being an armadillo. I may have to expand on that little illustration later. After church we had a quick lunch & headed back to our favorite house on the parade of homes. We were able to spend a lot more time since the air conditioning was now fully functioning & I think we fell even more in love! We'll definitely have to wait a few years, but we're already excited about the possibilities.

The next item on our list for yesterday afternoon was to visit Hubby's grandma who's been relocated to a nursing home about 20 minutes from our house. I've learned a lot of things in my 27 years of life, but I still have SOOO much to learn & there are still many things that I don't fully understand & I don't think are fair at all. Granny has lived a long, good life & it's so hard to see her in the state she's in now. Thank you God that I can have faith in you & know that even when my little human brain cannot comprehend your ways, that you always have a purpose for everything and it's in you that we can find peace.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing around the house & doing some yardwork before the rains came. We barely got the lawnmower pushed in the garage before big drops started falling. It was such a pleasant sight as the heat & humidity have been so oppressive in the past week. Thankfully this week has temperatures forecast in the upper 80s with much lower humidity--which makes everything much more pleasant.

Hopefully I'll be back to blogging this week...or maybe I'll just become a professional House Hunter!


Ria Thurston said...

Sounds like an AMAZING weekend of just being together... aren't those the BEST?

Brittney Galloway said...

That sounds great! The house hunting stuff is really exciting!

Heather said...

I hope you come back soon too! Sometimes we just get in a rut without much going on! I love house hunting and just looking at houses to see what I would love!!

Lindsey said...

I feel like a professional house hunter! I hope you have better luck than we have!