Saturday, June 19, 2010

A little more Natchez

Natchez is such a beautiful town. It's amazing how much history has been preserved. The people were so nice & glad to have us visiting.

We started out on Friday morning with another house tour at Dunleith. It was a beautiful home; however, we managed to experience our second long-winded tour guide & with the extremely hot temperatures it was a little more than any of us could stand.

Dunleith Plantation is the only mansion with columns all the way around...

The whole group of fabulous ladies!
After Dunleith we headed to an early lunch at Mammy's Cupboard. It was definitely a local joint but the food was wonderful & the mile-high pies were even better.

Did I mention Mammy's was located in the bottom of a ladies' skirt? So fun!
With all the heat & humidity we decided to spend Friday afternoon at the spa. There wasn't a spa large enough to do all of our treatments at one time so spread it out over the afternoon and those who weren't being pampered spent some time shopping & exploring the town. I opted for a swedish massage & was fantastic. I could handle one of those each week!
After our relaxing afternoon, we headed out for dinner at a place on the Mississippi River...what a beautiful view!

The banks of the Mississippi

and a gorgeous sunset!
After dinner we'd made plans for a riding ghost tour. We hopped on this shuttle van & had a great time! Some of those in our group got a little spooked from all the ghost stories. Near the end of the tour, we stopped at the Natchez National Cemetery. Wow, the stories that come from the South & from war times are pretty gruesome--even without all the ghost stories.

The Turning Angel...apparently some nights she is turned 90 degrees.

Ok, let me state...I DO NOT BELIEVE in ghosts. However, that white circle in the picture above...not the moon. And a picture taken right after that moving only 2-3 steps forward...the circle is gone. Kind of a good story to tell even if you don't believe in ghosts!

Sunset from the cemetery
After being spooked, we headed back home for some good girl time. We gather in one of the bedrooms, popped in Sweet Home Alabama & had a great end to the evening.
Saturday was our last day in Natchez so we headed to one more home...Monmouth Plantation. I actually failed to get a photo of the home. But the grounds were the most beautiful part. This location has slightly been commercialized as they host weddings & other events in addition to being a bed & breakfast. A wedding was being held the night we were there & it was going to be beautiful...extremely hot, but beautiful!

Myslef on one of the beautiful photo locations at Monmouth...

My momma...oh I'm so glad you came!
After Monmouth we headed to lunch at a local Italian place. Yum! We also looked around the downtown area & then split up a bit. My mom & I headed to drive around & look at some more houses & to drive around the cemetery in the daylight. It really was fascinating-some of the headstones dated back to the early 1800s. Natchez is so full of history!

Magnolia Hall...we didn't tour this home but it definitely had one of the spookiest stories of the entire trip!
After our afternoon of exploring, we got all fancied up for our farewell dinner at The Castle. This was the restaurant on the ground of the Dunleith & the food was wonderful. It was a fabulous way to cap off our trip!
Myself, Gayle (my mom), Susan (mil), Cherye(Susan's sister), Lauren (my sil), & Stacy (my sil)
Such a beautiful group of ladies & such a wonderful trip. Hopefully we can plan another one for next year or sometime soon! Oh how God blessed us with such a great time!


Brittney Galloway said...

Wow, that is such a neat trip to take! Who would have guessed?!

Kathryn said...

What a beautiful place! Those homes are gorgeous and it looks like a fabulous trip. I may have to look into a girl's weekend there now!