Saturday, June 5, 2010

Riviera Maya Recap...Time to XPLOR!

After the day of golfing on Monday we used Tuesday to relax & unwind...and I mean that literally. We both had massages on Tuesday morning for 80 precious minutes. It was wonderful! The resort was running a special of 2 80-minute massages for $150! That's an incredible deal anywhere, let along a resort spa!

Anyways, after our massages we headed down to the beach & spent the rest of the day laying on the beach. We also had dinner at a restaurant down the beach called Al Cielo. I had mahi mahi & Hubby had a ribeye...both were wonderful.

Wednesday was another planned activity day. One of the things Hubby really wanted to do on our honeymoon was to go ziplining. Due to some miscommunications by the resort we ended up missing out on this opportunity so I knew that ziplining was at the top of our list for this trip. I did my research & finally decided on XPLOR.

It's basically a theme-park for the adventuresome with about 4-5 different activities. That may not seem like a lot but it took us basically from open to close to do everything we wanted...not because of crowds just because of how the park was laid out & the length of each activity. I had read on Trip Advisor to start with ziplining & since that was the focus of our visit, that's where we headed.

Hubby getting all harnessed up!

Both of us swinging through the trees!

At the top of one of the platforms.

Hubby coming for a landing...

& me holding on for dear life! But I had a great time!

Overlook of one of the water-landings...the water was cold but so refreshing!

Hubby & I coming in for our landing!

One of the zipline circuits had this water-slide for you to get to the next line. Again, this water was freezing!

Preparing for the splash-down!

Having the time of our lives!
The ziplines were definitely our favorite part of the day. We even had time to go through the water circuit one more time--complete with 2 splashdown landings & the water slide. However, the park has more attractions that were fun as well!

Amphibious, but a little boring after awhile!

Some romance in the cenote'--we needed something to warm us up, this was an underground swim in 75 degree water!

Cenote' rafting, we did 2 different with us on a raft together & one by ourselves. We had a great time & the cave formations are stunning!
I would say this was definitely a highlight of our trip. We were exhausted by the time we got home....we were on the move ALL DAY long! Another great aspect of this place was that there are cameras all over the property and you have a computer chip on your helmet. The cameras take all sorts of pictures & you can purchase them at the end of the day. We bought all the photos & they come on your own USB drive so you can do whatever you want to with them. I was very grateful to have all of the action shots & photos of Hubby & I together.

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