Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Finally...I've been trying to post all day with a reponse that Blogger is temporarily unavailable.

Anyway, with all the recap posts, this weekend rewind will be minus any photos as I'm saving you from any more photos than is absolutely necessary. I'm getting close to being finished with our trip recaps, maybe I should cut down on my photo-taking!

As for the weekend, Friday night we grabbed a quick dinner & then headed to the driving range. Hubby had a big tournament on Saturday so he wanted to get some practice in! I hit a small bucket while Hubby hit large bucket and we were both worn out by the time we were done. The rest of the evening consisted of catching up on our DVR & transplanting some flowers in our flowerbeds.

I had to work on Saturday morning but I brought Bogey down & dropped him at my parents' house. With hubby's golf tournament I took advantage of the beautiful, but hot afternoon & laid out at my parents' pool. Bogey got in some good "country" time with a few trips to the pond running alongside the four-wheeler. Hubby got home sometime mid-evening and after a quick trip to Walmart we settled down for more DVR catch-up! We managed to be gone to Mexico during the week of all the season finales so we had a lot to catch up on!

Yesterday we headed to church & can I just say it was so nice to be back in church?!? We missed 2 Sunday's while we were on vacation & its so refreshing to spend time praising Jesus & listening to his Word. After church it was time for lawncare...Hubby & I mowed the yard & then finished up some other small things around our yard.

Last night was our end of the year BBQ for Small Group. We had a blast playing bocce ball & corn-hole/beanbag toss. I love those families & will miss seeing them each & every week. We've got plenty of activities planned, but it was always great to see them every Sunday night.

I'm headed out of town again on Wednesday, this time for our girls' trip to Natchez, MS. We're touring all the antebellum homes in the area; but I'm more excited about just spending some quality time with some incredible women! I'll be traveling with my mom, my mil, my sil, Hubby's aunt, & his half-sister. The trip was actually possibly not going to happen due to a family illness, but God cleared that up for us & we're headed out on Wednesday morning. That being said, the blogging will be few & far between. Hopefully I'll get the Mexico recaps finished beforehand but I'm not counting on it!

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