Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Riviera Maya Recap...Time to Relax

And so the recaps begin. I couldn't have really asked for a smoother, easier travel process. We hopped on our first plane, made our connection, met up with our transfer, checked into our hotel and everything was just as I'd hoped. We were on the beach by 4 and were able to spend a few hours in the sun on our first night.

I had mentioned to the resort prior to our arrival that we would be traveling soon after our 3-year anniversary. They surprised us with our own personal cake & champagne when we walked into the room.

We had turn down service almost every night & when we didn't have turn down service we had towel animals on our bed. I think we had an elephant, a dog & a flower throughout the course of the trip. The turn-down service was definitely a nice touch...not to mention the chocolates on your pillow!

The lobby is beautiful & open-air. We were greeted with a mimosa and a cold towel after our slightly long ride from the airport. Oh how I love resorts that have the service aspect down to a science!

Just a view of our beach area on the first full beach day. I loved the abundance of shade available but there were also plenty of full-sun spots for those sunlovers. I need a bit of both throughout the day so this was perfect. As with any resort, the towel wars were in full effect with people probably getting up around 5 to get a prime spot under a palapa. We definitely weren't getting up that early on when we did make it down to the beach around 9 each day we had plenty of options under the palm trees.

Just one of the many, many friends that we encountered on our walk to & from the beach each day. I've got tons more pictures of the wildlife so stay tuned.
We tried to balance our trip with the right amount of activity & also plenty of loungy beach time. It was fabulous. Hubby & I are both fairly picky eaters and we discovered early on that the main breakfast location was not air-conditioned & very, very warm in the mornings. So...what's the remedy for that? Free room service!! With almost everything you could want. We ordered this the majority of mornings so we didn't have to waste time sitting down to breakfast & could get to the beach or on to our activity ASAP!
Headed to dinner the first night...this was part of the path we took each day. They had nice relaxing music playing & it was really a pleasant walk each day. No rooms have ocean view and I was a little concerned with this...but how much time do you really spend in your room anyway!?!?
Hubby at dinner in the Royal Grille. This was our favorite place and the most beautiful setting.
More of the walkway closer to the lobby....there was a small lagoon that they kept just beautiful!
End of night 1. We are such an old-married couple. If I had one complaint from the resort it would be the complete lack of nightlife. They only had one show each night that didn't start until 10 or so (since we were in Mexico, timing was always relative). Well, for those of us who eat a fairly early dinner...say around 7 or 7:30...we got a little bored and never even saw a show because we headed to bed so early! Most nights we did walk either on the beach or around the resort, which was still a great end to each day.
Next up...Golfing at El Cameleon Mayakoba.


Brittney Galloway said...

wow, it looks great! I'm glad you had a good vacation!

Lindsey said...

It looks like such a wonderful trip!!

Alissa said...

It sounds perfect, takes me back to our honeymoon days.

Callie Nicole said...

Oh how fun! It looks so nice and sunny.