Thursday, December 6, 2012

And the halls are decked...2012

I love taking pictures of our Christmas decorations each year.  I really like to switch things up as far as what goes where...but this year I actually really like how everything is laid out so I may use these pictures next year when I'm unpacking all the boxes!  

We don't really have a decoration theme, although I certainly lean towards the traditional colors of red & green and as of this year I've also decided to start collecting various trees. I actually already have quite the collection but I'm excited to look each year for a fun new tree to display somewhere in the house...large or small it really doesn't matter!  

Of course here's the biggest tree of them all...someday soon we're going to find a good tree farm and go back to getting a real tree.  But for now...the pre-lit, artificial tree, with no clean-up, watering or maintenance is awfully nice!  
We don't have an ornament theme either...just a huge collection of random ornaments.  Some are from childhood, some represent specific times in our lives, some are from traveling, some are simply ones that we saw hanging in a store and decided to add to our collection...I love all the memories that come flooding back each year as I unwrap each ornament!  

& another view, that includes our newest Christmas decoration.  Another big Santa from my MIL...I forgot to take a picture of his details but he's such a friendly Santa and perfect for our house!
The dining room area...with a special tree this year in the corner for Nick's Hallmark Classic Car collection...we have 19 as of this year!  
Above my cabinets & part of my tree collection, we went with snow for the filler this year instead of greenery and I love it! 
A new grouping this year:  A picture of our Christmas baby from last year & a couple of new trees that I added to my collection this year.
Our entryway table:  Ornament stand from Crate & Barrel, and a grouping of glitter trees (which were one of the first Christmas decorations Hubby & I bought together)
Our mantle & stockings & more Santas...I'm still in debate about getting new stockings for all of us; my plan is to have my mom make us some before Christmas next year...we'll see if that happens!  
And probably my favorite new addition to the Christmas decor this year...Elyse's Fisher Price Nativity from my in-laws.  She LOVES this thing & now has another one at my parents' house.  The angel is by far her favorite, with Baby Jesus coming in a close second.  I love having this in our house & what it represents...besides all the toys that are filling our living room we have a manger scene perfect for Elyse to learn about the Greatest Gift of All.  
I honestly can't believe I was able to snap this picture, normally if I start playing with it she is jumping right in with me!  


Jennifer said...

I don't really have a "theme" either. Sometimes I'm a bit envious of how elegant and put together some people's homes are for the holidays, but I'm with you - I have a mish-mash of red and green and just make it all work. I love a random ornament tree too - that's what I grew up with!

I love your trees under the console table - so pretty!

Melanie said...

Everything looks great! I need to get one of those Nativity sets for Makayla!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Your mantle is gorgeous and I love your tree collection!! Everything looks so beautiful! There's just something about sitting on the couch looking at all of the Christmas decor around puts me in the best mood! :)

Amanda said...

your decor looks beautiful!!! i love your trees and snow above the kitchen cabinets! i can't wait to get E that nativity set too. i love that they will have it for years to come.

Sara McCarty said...

So pretty! You have some great decorations! I really need to get on the ball and get our decorations out. You know, in all my free time. :)

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

I like the tree. We will start decorating today :)