Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Rewind~3 Christmas Gatherings Down... was a crazy weekend!  And honestly, the rest of December doesn't look much different.  But we're having tons of fun & lots of quality time with family so for the most part all the business is worth it. 
Friday evening we had absolutely nothing planned, which we were all SO thankful for!  We had a nice dinner at home & after Elyse went to bed Hubby & I had a wrapping party.  We were able to get all of the presents wrapped for our family and put under the tree.  Basically all that's left is the wrapping for Hubby, myself, & thing to check off the list! 
Elyse was helping her Daddy read "Llama, Llama, Holiday Drama"
Saturday morning Hubby had to work so I rode down with him to spend some time with my mom.  It's kind of crazy, but she & I don't get a TON of quality time together.  Yes, she keeps Elyse so I see her in passing several times a day when I work...but we don't get to hang out together.  So, we worked on a project for Elyse's birthday party all while just enjoying each other's company. 

Saturday afternoon Elyse & I took a nap before the big festivities for the evening.  Elyse was headed to spend the evening with my brother & sil while Hubby & I were headed out for our office Christmas party. 
Momma & Elyse (not sure what is going on with my left leg!  ha! 

All the momma, myself, Delma, my Grandma, & my cousin Kay

Hubby & I

My Momma & Daddy
We had a fabulous dinner...even if there was a minor or major snafu with some of our orders.  Thankfully the restaurant tried their best to make it right & it was still a wonderful evening.  And what could make any night better...walking into my brother & sil's house to find this...our precious princess all tuckered out & ready for bed! 
Sleepy Princess
 Sunday was a crazy day from start to finish.  We had church in the morning & then quickly headed over to my in-laws house for our first official family Christmas of 2012.  We had a yummy lunch, a fun gift card exchange & lots of fun with family.  I barely snapped any pictures, maybe I need to pass the camera off to Hubby next time. 
Elyse practicing up on her opening skills...
After our Christmas gathering, it was time to head back to church. For the past few years our church has "adopted" over 100 foster kids in our county and we provide a gift for each of them. We collect the gifts at our church and then the presents are distributed to the foster parents so they can be wrapped in their own wrapping paper & placed under the tree as if the parents had purchased the gifts. This is such an awesome ministry that we are always so excited to be a part of!  
All 100+ presents ready to be delivered!
Elyse was all smiles...our little ham!

Elyse even did ok on stage while the children sang Away in a Manger...
And for the rest of the night you'll just have to wait until tomorrow...Santa Experience #2...


Cat said...

Love that book -- one of my daughters favorites! She also climbs all of her Daddy while reading it. We like to call it daddyboree instead of gymboree!!! P.S. -- Your family is just adorable!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

Llama books sounds nice for little kids. I can't believe E is about to turn one. I love her big grin.

Such a nice work by your ministry.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love the picture of Elyse tearing into her gifts!! So cute! Glad you had an awesome dinner with the family!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Elyse just gets cuter and cuter! :)

I LOVE the dress you wore to your office Christmas party! So cute!
Glad you had fun with the family!