Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wrapping up Christmas

This weekend was all about wrapping up Christmas...both literally & figuratively.

Friday night we had an option of something to do, but decided that with all the running we had been doing that we would just stay home.  Hubby grabbed a pizza on his way home from work & we spent the evening playing with Elyse & putting her to bed fairly early.  Instead of just sitting around all evening we decided to tackle the task of de-Christmasing our house.  With the two of us we were able to box everything up and have it all up in the attic in a little over 2 hours...success!

Saturday morning Hubby had to work & Elyse went to stay with Gigi while I headed to Zumba.  We had a 2-hour Holiday Recovery Party & I'm still recovering!  My whole body aches today, I can't do anything without feeling the effects of what I did yesterday.

After Zumba & lunch, Elyse went down for her nap & then we headed to Hubby's sister's house for our last Christmas of the year.  We wrapped up our holiday festivities with some Christmas-themed Minute-to-win-It games & then enjoyed yummy food and spending quality time with family we really only see once a year.

Today we had church, a late breakfast & then some time at home before heading out to a Missouri State Bears basketball game.  We were able to see a win and now we're at home, resting & relaxing before the start of another week & the end of another year.

No pictures in this post...I took a few, but nothing really blog-worthy.  More on photo-taking in another post this's part of one of my resolutions!


Amanda Anderson said...

Hurray to a slower pace and relaxation!! Breathe a sigh of relief girlfriend, I am!

toi said...

Wow, your Christmas is long :). Today we had post-Christmas potluck at some friends and it was fun

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

That must have felt so amazing to get it all cleaned up :) Teamwork at its best! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful little family!!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Isn't it bitter-sweet to take down and box-up all of the Christmas decorations?
Two hours of Zumba?!! I would be waddling around for days! Haha!
Sounds like fun though!