Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter ONEderland Party #1

When planning Elyse's party, Hubby & I quickly realized that we wouldn't be able to have her big party on her actual birthday since it was a weeknight and her bedtime varies between 7:30-8:00...there just wouldn't be enough time for dinner, cake & presents before we had a very tired little girl on our hands.  So...we decided to have two birthday celebrations, with one being much smaller than the other.  

On the morning of Elyse's birthday we actually woke up to a sick little girl.  She had some sort of quick little stomach bug, never ran a fever, and acted fine...other than the fact that she didn't keep anything down for the first half of the day.  She didn't get to have her birthday breakfast of waffles & blueberries, but Hubby & I still gave her the presents we bought for her. We've decided that until our children actually ask for certain things, we're going to handle birthdays & Christmas like this:  we'll pick out one big present together & then the rest of the budget will be divided in half between us.  I got to shop on my own & Hubby shopped on his own...that way at least someone other than Elyse is surprised when all the packages are opened.  

We bought Elyse a Mamas & Papas rocking elephant & it's absolutely perfect.  She's still a little unsure about it, but I think in time she will really learn to love it.  

Elyse's pile of presents from Momma & Daddy
Daddy started her Dr. Seuss book collection with The Grinch & a collection of 5 other favorites.  
He also bought her a super neat water table that will be perfect playing next Spring & of the downsides of a December baby, you have to buy stuff in advance!  
Checking out her elephant...
She likes it  for now!  
I got Elyse a Ralph Lauren outfit so she can dress like her daddy & a tiny birthstone/pearl bracelet with a letter "E" charm.  I wanted something that she would always have as a keepsake of her first birthday.

Elyse & I spent the day at home but made the short drive to have lunch with daddy.  Then it was back home to prep for her first official party.  We had invited the grandparents over for a casual dinner of pizza & salad so they could go ahead and give Elyse her presents from them.  This was a GREAT decision, because both sets of grandparents might have gone a tad bit overboard.  She had quite the stack of presents to open just from them!
Enjoying a piece of white cake on her birthday
Trying to figure out this present opening thing
She's got it!  
She got some really great toys from Papa & Gigi and Pappy & Mamaw..some more new books, clothes, 2 new winter coats, Leopard print Ugg boots, Pink ostrich cowboy boots, some new pjs, a vacuum cleaner, some Melissa & Doug puzzles, a Little People house, & her own red piano.  She loved it all!    
Playing a tune for us!  
I think she liked it!
Momma & Daddy with the birthday girl!
Overall her birthday was the perfect day, even if she was a little sick to start with!  I'm so glad we decided to invite the grandparents' over so we could do their gifts separate from everyone else...this gave her time to react and play with those gifts without getting overwhelmed with all the people & stimulation.  I can't believe that her first birthday is already in the history books...time to start planning for next year!


Megan said...

It's so hard to believe she's already one!! Time really does fly! Such a sweetie!

Melanie said...

Looks like she had alot of fun..and what a great idea w/that piano..I've never seen a kiddy sized one quite like that!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

these pictures were just so darling :) love her smile haha that piano is great!

Jennifer said...

Looks like such a fun party! I love the red piano she got too. (o: