Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter ONEderland...the big ONE!

Elyse's big party was on Saturday at lunchtime.  After doing some looking on Pinterest & Etsy, I decided to embrace the fact that Elyse is a December baby and throw her a Winter ONEderland themed party complete with snowflakes and candy cane stripes! While I honestly would have loved to invite all of our close friends & their kiddos, in the end we decided to only invite our close family, which by itself ends up being 30+ people.  

We served sandwiches & chips for lunch (we were definitely going for simple) and then the present opening began.  Elyse wasn't too sure at first, but then seemed to catch on.  Of course then she opened up a book and her nose was stuck in that book for the rest of the present opening...what can I say, this girl loves to read!  

I printed off one of each of her monthly sticker photos & stuck them to bright was so crazy to look at how much she's changed!  

After presents, it was time for the main event...the cake smash!  For the most part she was a very dainty smasher, but she managed to get a little messy & still needed a bath afterwards!
Sleepy toot...

Checking things out...
Hey Gigi!  Have a bite!



Thanks again to T.White Photography for taking all the photos.  It was so worth it to have someone there to capture all of the priceless memories!  


Jenna E said...

Awww Happy Belated Birthday princess Elyse! I love her little outfit

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

She looks ONEderful :). Beautiful party and she look so happy and aware!

Callie said...

looks like it was a great 1st birthday party - I love the invitation and the color scheme! So cute!