Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Rewind~It's A...

Before anyone freaks out, no...Nick & I are not pregnant & we have not been keeping a secret!  More on that in a bit...

Friday evening was a pretty fancy, schmancy date night for Hubby & I.  We left Elyse with my parents, got semi-dressed up and headed out for a nice dinner at a local Italian place, Gilardi's.  The restaurant has been there for years & we'd yet to visit and I can't believe we waited so was delicious!  After dinner we headed to our local theater for a performance of Cirque Dreams Holidaze.  It was a fun performance with a wide variety of acts, including some amazing performances by some children.  So, so thankful for our date nights!

Saturday morning I headed to work & then came home to hit the ground running for the rest of the day.  I headed to a small baby shower for my good friend Shauna & then ran back home to pick up Hubby & Elyse for the big event of the weekend.

Elyse was dressed in her holiday best for the special occasion!
She was definitely in fine form...we have ourselves a little "ham" when it comes to making new friends!  She takes a bit to warm up, but then she's all smiles!  
While we aren't expecting a baby, it was a pretty big weekend for us as we were hoping to find out if Elyse would be having a little girl or a little boy cousin come May! They opted for an early ultrasound yesterday morning and were able to get a confident answer from the ultrasound tech as to pink or blue!  They kept us all in suspense as we ate a quick dinner & then it was time for the big reveal.  Nick & Millie followed in our footsteps and went for the cake reveal..
He? or She? Open to See!
Proud Momma & Daddy
 And it was finally's a GIRL!!!!

We are so excited that Elyse will have another little girl to grow up with.  They will only be about 18 months apart, and since we only live about 20 miles from each other you can be sure they'll be close.  I figure it'll be just like them being sisters without all the constant fighting! ha!  Lots of tea parties & shopping trips will be in our future for sure!  We can't wait to meet Baby Girl Smart!
Of course a family photo with their beautiful tree!  
Elyse playing with Romo & Aunt Millie
 After church today we had nursery duty & were responsible for 5 kiddos aged 5 days (yes, days) to 4 was quite the circus, but we survived! We grabbed a quick lunch and then did just a little bit of Christmas shopping, we were able to mark 4 people off our list so that's definitely progress!

This weekend has just been RIDICULOUS as far as winter goes.  I love beautiful temps just as much as the next person; however, there's just something weird about going Christmas shopping or looking at Christmas lights when it's 70+ degrees outside! But...we took advantage of it anyway & took a nice family walk around the subdivision before heading out for small group.  This was our last meeting before the holidays take over & I'm definitely going to miss meeting each week!
Momma & her short sleeves and no jacket...on DECEMBER 2!  
Hopefully this week is much less eventful than last week....I'd take a normal week for sure!  We've got our first Christmas party tomorrow night and lots more going on...just a typical busy December week for us!


henning love said...

yay for a girl and yay for being close and growing up together!! and i love elyse's dress it is so cute

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

So cute - love her outfit. That is so exciting about your cousin - I have heard it's the year of the girl... and most everyone I know having a baby is having a girl :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

awww that's awesome...i love when cousins are similar in age! congrats lady. that dress is just too cute!

Megan J. said...

I could have sworn I say you at the Cirque Holidaze thing. I guess I did!!
–Megan, from Zumba :)

PS if this posted twice I'm sorry. The little "prove to me you aren't a robot by typing in these very obscure letters and numbers" is very tricky.