Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Rewind~Elyse the Birthday Girl!'s been a crazy last several days.  I feel like we had about 3 full days of non-stop birthday madness & thankfully today we have some time to just stop & breathe.  Elyse's 1st birthday was on Thursday, my mom & I decorated on Friday & then had her big Winter Onederland party on Saturday. 
 I'll have full recaps of all the parties in a few days once I can get all my pictures organized!  We hired a family friend to take pictures of the big day yesterday so I'll do a full post of all the celebrations once I have those images. 
But for now...just a few snippets from our busy busy weekend celebrating our favorite girl! 
Friday night we grabbed a quick dinner out and then had some family play time with all of Elyse's new toys & books...Hubby & I need to practice up, Dr. Seuss books are COMPLICATED to read!  ha! 
Breakfast before the party...her first experience with waffles & the jury is still out on whether she likes them or not...
A sneak peek of the birthday girl via T. White Photography

The main table all decorated for her party

Her precious smash cake that I could not have happier with...thanks Star Cakes!

Her cupcake toppers via Etsy

Her Rock & Roll motorcycle from Uncle Nick & Aunt Millie...which she loves and also dances along with! 
Today we headed to church, had a quick lunch with my in-laws and our poor baby girl has been out ever since.  She's been napping for 2 1/2 hours with no end in sight....I think we have one tuckered out princess!  The weather is gorgeous today so we're hoping for a nice family walk once she wakes up.  We have a fairly relaxed week with not a lot of evening plans and then Christmas festivities start up again on Saturday evening. Christmas is going to be so fun this year...being a Momma makes everything so much better!

And I know you'll all be waiting on pins & needles...but more incredible birthday cuteness is soon to come!


kendra @ little almanac said...

Happy birthday, Elyse! What a milestone! Lauren, it only goes faster here on out! You'll blink and she'll be two before you know it.

Casa Cannon said...

love the outfit and the cake. i seriously can't believe she is one! so happy for you and love how happy you look! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Looks like an awesome time!