Friday, January 3, 2014

5 on Friday---2014!

It's time for the first 5 on Friday of the New Year & I'm going to start off the new year by sharing a one last event from 2013 & a few extra pictures from my phone!
1.  One of Hubby's gifts to me was tickets to see Elf the Musical in St. Louis....on the Saturday after Christmas! He doesn't ever plan things like this--he might by me tickets but it's usually months in advance and I finish up the planning.  He made hotel reservations and had reserved all day Saturday for shopping, the show on Saturday night, and then he wanted to visit a newly renovated golf store in the area on Sunday morning.  It was the best time and such a blast to get out of town by ourselves--even if it was just for one night! 
2.  We started off Saturday morning with a stop at a local donut shop we'd never been to...Hurts Donut!  They have some crazy donut flavors, but I think our favorite was the maple-bacon longjohn!  DELICIOUS!!!
3.  We totally failed on making reservations for dinner so we ended up eating at an Italian place near the theater where we'd eaten before...again...DELICIOUS!!!  And the show was so fun.  If I'm being honest I had pretty low expectations so I was pleasantly surprised at the result.  Sure there were some deviations from the original movie--but you come to expect that with any movie turned musical.

4.  We celebrated New Years Eve this year with some really good friends who also happened to have a sitter...we had dinner and drinks at a local restaurant and then headed back to our house for games and dessert.  I'm happy to report that for the first time in several years, I actually saw the clock strike midnight...central time zone.  We normally celebrate with all you east coasters & then head to bed...but this year we actually rang it in properly! 
5.  And one more picture that I just have to include is all the way back from Christmas Day.  I think I mentioned that Elyse completely zonked out on my during present opening at my parents' house...and I snapped a quick photo of her to put on Instagram; however, I didn't realize that it appeared as if her new baby was trying to pick her nose!  ha!  Poor baby...she was TUCKERED!
Hope you all have an amazing start to the New Year!  I know I'm ready to get this New Year going! 


Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Ditto! I'm super excited for 2014. That Elf musical looks like fun!

Melanie said...

That last picture is hilarious! Don't worry..I have a picture of Makayla actually picking her own nose..AHHH!!!!