Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday!

It's time again for my weekly randoms post...and as has been the norm recently, all photos courtesy of my iPhone.  I promise when it's not so grey, and yucky, and cold outside I'll break out my big camera again...until then, cropped iPhone/Instagram photos it is! 

1.  Due to various scheduling issues...I considered this past Monday my "new year" in regards to getting back to fitness.  Zumba is really the only thing I had been doing and my attendance had been ridiculously low for the past few months.  However, armed with some new workout gear & new shoes, Hubby & Elyse dropped me off on Monday evening and it felt great!  I was also able to go on Wednesday morning and plan to go tomorrow as well!  I'm looking forward to getting back into my Zumba routine. 

2.  On the mornings when I'm home with Elyse I really try to get in and out of the shower before Hubby leaves for work...but sometimes that just doesn't happen, especially when I have a Zumba workout that morning.  Thank goodness for the iPad--I can hop in the shower and get ready real quick while Elyse practically doesn't move.  Itsy Bitsy Spider, Chuggington, & Old McDonald apps are totally educational right?

3.  Yesterday I had one of those moments where I literally laughed at God.  It was as if he sat me down and said..."Listen, I've got this."  I honestly wanted to go grab someone else's Jesus Calling devotional to make sure that everyone else's January 8th looked like this...or if God just plopped this page in front of me exactly when I needed it.  I got it God...I'm waiting on you, and I'm going to try my hardest not to stress over it. 

4.  Hubby & I have booked a quick getaway to Charleston in May.  We've been to the area before but have only driven into the city for day trips. We currently have reservations at the Hampton Inn-Historic District but we may try to find something more local & boutique like if we can find a good deal.  Any suggestions for dining or activities?  We won't be renting a car and we'll be there for 4-5 days...I can't wait! 

Charleston Photos
This photo of Charleston is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5.  And for your viewing's a video I shot of Elyse last night while we watched Monsters University for the 25,498 time!  Here reaction is the EXACT same every single time....we are BIG Mike Wysowski fans in our house!  And don't forget to watch until the end...Hubby & I laugh every time!
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Susannah said...

Oh my word! Your workout clothes are absolutely adorable!!!

Courtney B said...

I haven't done zumba in years!! I need to go again!
I'm dying to go to Charleston someday! Looks so beautiful. I'm excited for you two to go!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i love that you've been so involved with Zumba for years now! i love when God speaks to us in such subtle but loud ways!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Charleston is the best! What a great trip!!