Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 on Friday (on a Saturday)

So please ignore the fact that this post is actually happening on Saturday...I had grand plans and basically my phone wouldn't upload any pictures over my Wifi a 5 on Saturday post it is! 
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1.  Practically since Elyse was born,  her cousin Jackson has been asking if Elyse could come visit at his babysitter's house one day.  And it wasn't just because he wanted her to come play...he wanted her to be his "show & tell."  Jackson LOVES Elyse and he wanted to show her off to all his friends.  Is that not the most precious thing ever?!?
Finally a few weeks ago, my father-in-law had made plans to make it happen and then the crazy snow storm hit a few weeks it was postponed.  But last Thursday, my in-laws picked up Elyse about 10 in the morning and they headed to Jackson's daycare.  Jackson was shocked when she arrived and they played for a little while before Mamaw & Pappy treated the two youngest grandkids to a pizza lunch.  And Jackson also managed to teach Elyse his weird fascination with rubbing ears...don't ask questions about this video, I don't understand it either! 
2.  Thursday was another ridiculously cold day and while Elyse and I had originally made plans to run a few errands, I decided to punt on those and we stayed home in our jammies & comfy clothes.  I whipped up a new muffin recipe and was pretty pleased with the outcome.  I added some fresh blueberries to the original recipe and they are super moist & yummy.  Why do I love muffins so much?  I try to convince myself that they are at least slightly more healthy for me than donuts since they're not fried...good justification right? At least these have whole wheat flour, greek yogurt and fruit!

3.  As I mentioned I left Elyse in her jammies all day on Thursday...literally all day.  I even delivered her to my parents for a sleepover in her jammies.  I honestly think that might be a first for me in her 2 years of life...we normally at least change into sweats & a t-shirt!  But seriously could she be any cuter?  And her daddy loves that she loves playing with her Duplos...Legos are next for sure!

4.  Part of the reason that she stayed in her jammies is that I think her poor little body must have been fighting off some sort of bug.  No other symptoms besides a slightly runny nose & a mild fever.  We had LOTS of cuddles and LOTS of screentime (thank you Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood & Chuggington). Yes, my child watches tv.  Yes, I am very thankful for it at times.  I actually ended up napping with her for a bit because she just couldn't settle.  Thankfully she woke up happier, but still just a little off...but she seems all better now!  *And will you check out those eyelashes & lips...oh I could eat her up! 

5.  Tonight we have another Missouri State Bears game...which means another opportunity to see Boomer!  Our last game was on Tuesday night and we have definitely made some serious progress in the character interaction department...she voluntarily gave him a high five!  Hugs still weren't allowed, but at least she touched him. And thanks to Papa who was right there to get it on video!  Maybe Santa will be better 10 months from now! 
Happy Weekend everyone...and stay warm!


Melanie said...

Love the pics..especially her in her pjs!! Stay warm..we've been having crazy cold snowy weather here too!

Rebekah Davis said...

I think we should change it to 5 weekends, something like that. I'm currently also dealing with the horrible cold and snow weather going on. it's the perfect call for jammies, cuddles, and sweets!

I'm new to blogging, and have been just posting and spending time finding new people to follow and connect with. I joined blogging to make new friends. Elyse and Jackson are way too cute for words! ( btw I love her name!!)

Looks like you're having a nice comfy cozy weekend.

Looking forward to connecting and reading more posts!

God bless!