Monday, January 6, 2014

FROZEN (not the movie!)

So just like almost everyone else across the majority of the country, we are stuck in a crazy weather pattern with some ridiculously low temperatures.  Thankfully we had actually already planned to spend Friday & Saturday at home because it's been a crazy last few weeks, and Hubby went to the store early Saturday morning to avoid the pre-snowstorm crowds.  We stocked up on easy/warm meals to get us through the next few days. 
We knew the weather was going to be interesting when this was the graphic posted by our local weather station for the forecasted windchills this morning...
The snow started after dark on Saturday night and actually fell until after noon yesterday.  I honestly have NO IDEA how much it snowed, but churches all across the area were cancelled which resulted in an extra day at home for us. We spent all day in our comfy clothes, just hanging around as a family of three...being lazy and playing with all of Elyse's new toys from her birthday & Christmas. 
I got up and put my new mini-muffin tins to good use...and made these Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut Muffins.  They were delicious and the perfect start to our snowed in Sunday.   

After breakfast we started the hard chores, Elyse helped her Daddy wash all the dishes...which she loved! 
We built a fort and invited all of her stuffed animals to join us, we colored, we did puzzles, we read books, we colored, we played on the iPad, we rode the tricycle around the house, we let Bogey in out of the cold, we colored, and we just LOVED our time together.  We don't get a chance to have a no obligations day at home with the three of us very we definitely took advantage of it. 
Hubby couldn't stand not getting outside and shoveling a little bit...and it's a good thing!  He shoveled at least enough for us to get both cars out and he might have enjoyed himself a little bit.  All I can say is that he can't tell me that he didn't get to wear his snow ski gear this year!  ha! I also took advantage of the snowed in weekend and cleaned out my closet, the refrigerator, freezer, and my pantry!  woohoo!  Nothing like some spring cleaning in the dead of winter!

After Elyse's nap and some basketball watching, we decided to bundle up and head out for dinner.  Wendy's chicken nuggets and fries are some of Elyse's we bundled up our snow bunny, left our sweats on, and headed out for a quick dinner. 

We finished off the evening with a crowd favorite...a viewing of Monsters University.  This little girl could not have been more pleased!  It was a wonderful day and a great time to just sit back and relax!
Now if the weather would just warm up a bit...I wouldn't complain a bit!


MeaganMusing said...

It's even super cold all the way down here in Dallas! It was 70 and sunny on Saturday - Andrew wore shorts to the park! :) And today it was 16. I think 50 is good for winter. Ha!

Hannah said...

sounds like a cozy little day (expect for the part when you or your hubby had to be outside)! Way to do some spring cleaning! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

SO much snow! I hope you all are staying warm.

Susannah said...

I'm super jealous of all your guys getting to cuddle up in your homes while a blizzard is going on. It just sounds so awesome and romantic to me! It's just raining here in Portland.

Sara said...

Your weekend sounds lovely and cozy, while my weekend (of doing a lot of the exact same things) was a healthy mix of exhausting and bored. I think Mac and I would have been fine, it was the cooped up husband bouncing off the walls that upped our stress level. :)

TOI said...

I must say it feels good to know that Canada is not the only country enjoying the freezing weather :).

Elyse looks lovely all bundled up and helping daddy in wash the dishes is priceless :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

lol love the title...look at all that snow and Elyse is so her coat!!!