Monday, January 27, 2014

Just a taste of Spring!

We had a pretty standard January weekend at our house.  I had plans on Friday night, so Hubby & Elyse had a Wendy's dinner date at home with my in-laws.  Saturday morning I headed to work while Hubby & Elyse went to watch our nephews play  basketball and then we had a relaxing afternoon at home before heading off to another Bears game. 
Sunday was probably the best day of all because we got to experience just a snippet of Spring.  We were up and around early for church so Elyse had some quality time with Jake & read some stories to Sully & Mike. 

After church (& nursery duty), we headed over to my in-laws house for a casual lunch.  My MIL is going to be out of town next week over my birthday so she decided we should celebrate early!  We had pizza and brownies and then it was time for my present.  I am super excited because she purchased an entire spa day for me & a friend to enjoy sometime soon!  I have a gift card for massages, manicures and pedicures (for 2!), a gift card to my favorite cupcake place, and also "lunch money." And of course, included with this is free childcare for my in-laws to watch Elyse while I have a fabulous morning with a friend.  Now to just decide which fabulous friend to invite along with me! 

After Elyse's nap we FORCED her to change her clothes and go outside to take Bogey for a walk.  It was absolutely beautiful outside yesterday & I for one was ready to get some fresh air and some sunshine before the next cold snap hit!  She was NOT all that excited about going out in the beginning, but after we reminded her of her wagon & Bogey she was all for it! 

After a quick walk, we just spent time outdoors enjoying the warmer than normal temps! 


It was a fabulous little taste of Spring before we headed off to small group!  I can't hardly wait for Spring to arrive...this winter has been brutal and I'm ready for the windows to be open and flowers to fill my beds. 
And of true Missouri weather fashion...just as quick as the warm Sunday came, it is gone.  Today it's 13 degrees outside with high we might as well break out the fuzzy boots again! 

Happy Monday friends, hope you have a great week!


Murdock's mama said...

Okay, I have to ask where you got her adorable purple coat.
PS...enjoy every second of that spa day...I know I would! :) Lucky you!!

Melanie said...

Ha..I know how you feel!! This winter has definitely been brutal! What a great birthday gift from your MIL!!

Kate @ Daffodils said... haha I am willing Spring to come quickly (and that plane Kev and I are getting on tomorrow to Florida to come quickly too ;) Elyse is getting so big. Looks like a perfect weekend!