Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bogey, It's Cold Outside!

Ok, so I have a confession to make. Last night it was forecasted to be 0 Degrees outside with a windchill of -15. I'm sure many of you have the same weather wherever you are, so trust me I feel your pain. The weathermen on our local television station were talking about how if you had any possible way you should bring your pets inside--at least to the garage. Well, we did it. We let Bogey sleep in the house last night. Not just in the garage, not just locked in our bathroom or in our laundry room, but he slept quite soundly on the floor of our bedroom.

I've mentioned it before, but Bogey is definitely an outdoor dog and enjoys it being that way. Since it's started being a little cold outside Hubby and I are less likely to go outside and spend time with him so we have been laying an old sheet out on our area rug and he will just spend the evening inside with us playing and/or sleeping. Once we're ready to go to bed, out he goes with plenty of food & water. He's never had an accident and hopefully it will stay that way.

Back to the original point, we let him in last night around 7 and then took him back out around 10 so he could do his business if he needed to. He just sat and stared at us on the back porch so Hubby grabbed the leash and off they went down the road about 20 feet and sure enough, that's all the encouragement he needed to relieve himself. Back in the house he came and he sure was confused. We had laid sheets out on the floor and brought in one of his beds from outside so he'd have something familiar. He attempted to get comfy on our bed, but Hubby promptly let him know that was not going to happen. It took awhile but he eventually laid down on the floor and went to sleep--trouble is, apparently he's a fairly light sleeper so I was worried about moving too much for fear I would wake him up. Around 1, I headed to the living room and spent the rest of the night on the couch. We were all happy, warm, & well-rested this morning. No accidents, just a little bit of doggy barf right on a rug we had laid down--Good Job Bogey! Hopefully tonight will go as well as last night since it's supposed to be even colder tonight!

Stay warm everyone!

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Jennifer said...

Wow, zero with a negative 15 windchill?! That IS cold! It was a chilly 40 this morning and even then I'm dyin'! (o: Stay warm!