Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day--Sort of...

Well, the weathermen were actually quite accurate for the forecast last night & today. Although we haven't had the devastating freezing rain that we had in January 2007, we've certainly had our share of sleet, snow, & freezing rain mixture. I'm just so glad that loss of power is not an issue. I so wish that all of this winter weather would just be snow and not the ice---ice causes such a mess and seems to last so much longer.

Since I work about 20 miles from our office, my dad let me leave early to head home. What a drive! My normal 20 minute commute turned into 45 minutes very fast. I was in a huge line of traffic and we were all driving about 25 mph just trying to get home before it got worse. I was ordered to stay at home this morning until my dad could check out how bad he thought the roads were. So, I enjoyed laying bed a little bit longer this morning and trying to finish of Book #3 of the Twilight series. About 9:15, Dad called and said he thought I would be fine...so, I hopped in the shower and was at work by 10:30. The roads weren't awful but they were definitely snow & ice covered. I was driving a big whopping 40 mph and I even had 2 or 3 people pass me going 60mph--are they crazy?!? It's now 3:10 and I'm pretty certain he's going to send me home early again today. It's still sleeting like crazy and I know the roads will only get worse as the afternoon goes on. So...even though I had to come to work--I'll only be here half a day which is still a nice break.

My mom fixed chili for lunch...mmmmm...and I've got Chicken Tortilla soup on the menu for this evening. These have to be my favorite 2 soup recipes of all time. We were planning on trying to go work out tonight--but I'm feeling completey unmotivated. Maybe we'll just go the next 3 nights. Stay warm & dry!

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