Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 1 of Tax Season

Well, today's the day. The first official day of tax season and life as I know it will come to a screeching halt. As the wife of an aspiring CPA, tax season brings on early morning cell phone alarms, later than normal arrivals home, and lots of bonus hours & vacation! I honestly don't mind tax season all that much--I actually get lots done while Hubby as already left for work or I'm waiting on him to come home. I actually look forward to cooking and trying new recipes that take a little bit longer than normal. I hate fixing dinner and not getting out of the kitchen until 7:30 when we're both at home by 6--but during tax season I've got tons of time before he gets home which leads to new recipes and lots of yummy food. I also have time to just relax a little bit as soon as I get home or clean a little or this year I'll be able to blog a bit before starting dinner.

The start of tax season also includes starting back to the gym. Hubby & I joined our local gym last year and worked out quite regularly from about January until the end of April. However, once it got nice outside working out at a gym just wasn't appealing so we began walking around our subdivision for exercise. Tonight we're headed back to the gym and I am determined to get back into shape--maybe not quite like I was a few years ago but just enough so I feel better about myself. My MIL got me an iPod nano for Christmas and I'm all prepared to load some upbeat, high energy songs on it so I can feel motivated while I'm working out. Wish us luck! It's always so hard to get back on the bandwagon.

Hubby & I had a good weekend, mostly relaxing but also productive. All of the Christmas decorations are offically in the attic and I've got most everything back in place where it should be. Hope you all had a good weekend as well! Happy Monday!

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