Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their New Year's Day. I had big plans to make a big breakfast of pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, and eggs all served with sparkling grape juice. However, the best laid plans are simply never what seems to happen in the Layman house. Let's rewind about 36 hours to yesterday around noon. Before I get started I should say that if any of you are prone to getting sick if you hear the words vomit or puke I would recommend you do not continue on. As I mentioned in the previous post, Hubby was out of town for work and around 12:30 yesterday afternoon he calls to let me know that he is on his way home. Well not only that but he informs me that since yesterday morning he has gotten sick 4 times...lovely. The original trip was supposed to take about 2 1/2 hours to get home so he should be home around 3. I know this next part may be too much info, but I just can't not share it because it's quite hilarious. I call him about an hour later to find out how he's feeling and I start to laugh. Part of his trip involves a toll road and as he was pulling up to pay the lady she supposedly took too long and he has to vomit out his car window and on the ground to avoid getting any on her. At this point he decides to pull over and take a quick nap to see if that makes him feel better. Our office closed at 3 so I call him again at that point and the first words out of his mouth are: Can you find someone to bring you here and come get me? He's about an hour away and feels so awful he can't drive anymore. So...I call my parents and they take me to him where I meet him in a Wendy's parking lot and I drive him the rest of the way home. We're both fairly convinced it was food poisoning and not the flu as he's feeling 100% better and he really didnt' have any other flu-like symptoms. Needless to say our New Year's Eve plans were completely shot but he convinces me to go on over to our friends' house because he's probably just going to sleep anyway. I certainly had a good time socializing but as you can imagine it wasn't quite the same. I came home around 11:30 to ring in the New Year with my sick husband & as the clock struck midnight I simply kissed my finger and placed it on his forehead. No midnight kiss or New Year's Day breakfast for us!

Hubby was feeling good enough this afternoon that we went to see Marley & Me with my parents. I had read the book and I was fully prepared for the tissues that would be required; however, I was seriously sobbing as the end of the movie approached. Let me tell you, movie theater napkins just don't quite cut it in replace of Kleenex. It really was a very good movie and it reminded me so much of Bogey, which is why I think I cried so much. The only frustrating thing is that as a dog lover I believe in getting another dog soon after you lose one as there will be new memories to come with a new puppy--in the book this is exactly what the family did and they didn't portray that in the movie. I realize you can never "replace" a dog; but you can make new memories and new stories will come that will help you remember the fun you had with a previous dog.

Finally, Amy from Chapters requested a few of my favorite holiday pictures so here they are! Unfortunately I was always behind my camera so there aren't many of me.

Presents under our beautiful tree

Myself modeling my earrings & my Denali jacket on Christmas morning (pre-shower)

Hubby in MY Slanket (The Cadillac version of the Snuggie--As Seen on TV)
Bogey with his gigantic bone from my parents

Nephew Hunter watching over his sweet baby brother Jackson

My absolute favorite: Uncle Nicky & Hunter in matching winter hats!

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