Saturday, January 24, 2009

Satisfied (for now)

As I started to write this post I really didn't know where to begin, other than to say that in the past few weeks I have felt so satisfied and at peace with where I am in life. There are so many bad things currently going on in the world, but Hubby & I have been incredibly lucky and are very blessed to have so many wonderful things in our life. I hated to use the word satisfied because I've always been taught to never be completely satisfied, but to always strive for more and hope that something greater and even better is on its way. However, as of this current moment satisfied is exactly how I feel. Sure, there are plenty of areas where I could improve or things could be a little bit better--but I also want to take time and relax to reflect on how truly blessed I am. So...for now, I'm satisfied.

In the past few weeks there have been several instances when I look at dear Hubby and think to myself--what did I ever do to deserve him? Whether it was last weekend (and several other times) when he started doing the laundry just because, or last night as he ran out of the house and just smiled that huge "I'm so happy, but such a dork" smile--God has truly blessed me with the man of my dreams and the man who will be there for me always. He works so incredibly hard this time of year and I am so thankful for a man who will love and support me and all I have to do in return is love and support him back. I can be truly satisfied in that.

Our stable work situations are just a praise to God in this time of economic turmoil when so many of our friends or friends of friends are dealing with trying to find new jobs because of layoffs or plant closings. I can be truly satisfied in that.

Our family, I've mentioned them before but the support and care and advice we've received from them has been priceless and will truly help Hubby & I to have a long lasting, loving marriage--and on the same note, our small group friends who are such a hodge-podge group but true friends, and friends that would be there for us through anything. I can be truly satisfied in that.

Even with the material things, a warm home, a lovable furry son, these things bring such joy to our lives and we are so blessed to be in the position we are in. I can't help but be truly satisfied in that.

Last, but certainly not least--we have such a loving Heavenly Father who no matter what we do and no matter how much we screw up, he loves us more than we will ever understand. He has the power to do things in our lives that are completely not according to the detailed plan that we have worked out, but make so much more sense than our small human minds could ever comprehend. He's there in the really good times and also in the really bad times. I know for a fact that I am certainly not the best Christian I could be, but He even loves me through that. He has His hand on everything, on our nation, on my family, on our careers, and everything I've listed above---and because I'm His child, I can truly be satisfied in that.


The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

I love this post! and I love how it seems you stop and smell ALL the 'roses' around you -- Love it...

That Fresh Feeling said...

I enjoyed reading this post and look forward to reading more:-)

Bama Belle... said...

I really loved this post. It was so refreshing and such a nice reminder to truly be happy at whatever point you are in your life