Monday, January 19, 2009

Rest & Relaxation

Hubby and I managed to spend most of the weekend at home and I am definitely not complaining. Friday night we enjoyed dinner with some friends from church, we ate at this fantastic local Chinese restaurant that is modeled to be a lot like P.F. Chang's--however, in my personal opinion it is much better. They have lobster & cream cheese wontons that are absolutely to die for! Saturday morning I woke up motivated & managed to clean our bathroom, make the weekly run to Walmart, start laundry, & shower all before Hubby got home. We spent the rest of Saturday just lounging around the house watching television. It was definitely not a productive day but I sure did enjoy just being lazy for once. Hubby was also able to rest after his second full week of tax season--I am always so proud of him this time of year because he works so hard for the first 3 1/2 months of the year. 60 hour work weeks are definitely not fun, but it makes the time we spend together that much more important.

Yesterday we had church, went to the gym, & then headed to small group. I am absolutely loving the Fireproof series! I would totally recommend it for any small group--regardless of how long you've been married! Our group tends to get off topic with some deep and very good discussion and I absolutely love how willing everyone is to share. Marriage issues can be kind of a touchy subject if they're not approached in the right way; but we have a fantastic group with a wide variety of couples and I just know that Hubby & I are going to learn so much from doing the study. I honestly could not be happier right now with our marriage, but it never hurts to be prepared should that fire try to light.

I do have a confession--I started the second book in the Twilight series on Friday night and finisehd it last night after small group. Yes, I was completley engrossed it for most of the weekend (which would explain why nothing else got done!) I am enjoying the books, they are a very easy read and the pages just seem to fly by. Now I just have to wait to get books 3 and 4 from my mom. HURRY UP MOM!!!

Tonight we had planned to head back to the gym but Hubby may be on his own. I didn't feel 100% for most of the weekend so I may just take it easy tonight.

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