Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Uncle Nicky & Aunt L

Oh what a joy to hear those words come from the mouth of a 3 year old. Last night Hubby & I had the privilege of entertaining our nephews Hunter & Jackson while his sister & brother-in-law went out to eat for their anniversary. Hunter is 3 and thinks that Uncle Nicky is just the best thing ever & Jackson is only 3 months old and is the most laid back easy-going baby I've ever seen. He is so scheduled and it makes babysitting very easy.

Lauren & Dustin dropped the boys off around 6:30 and we only had them until about 9:00--but we had a great time watching the Polar Express, playing with all of Hunter's cars, & playing the Pizza Hut game. Jackson had a bottle and went down for a nap for most of the evening so we were left to enjoy the life of an independent 3 year old. For those of you who aren't in tune to the mind of a 3 year old--Hunter's version of the Pizza Hut game goes something like this. One person gets to be the customer & the other gets to be the Pizza Hut worker--you make a pretend phone call and order whatever you want. Most of the time Hunter gets to be the Pizza Hut worker and surprisingly Pizza Hut is always out of everything except for ice cream & M&M's. ;o) He said the cutest thing last night--at one point during the Pizza Hut game Nick was telling Hunter that Pizza Hut was out of everything...pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, ice cream, M & M's, everything! Hunter turned around to Nick and said "Uncle Nicky...Aunt L has to have something to eat!" It was absolutely adorable.

We have a great time being Aunt & Uncle to our nephews, plus I don't think there's a better birth control method out there. We love them to death and certainly plan on having kids in a few years; however, I'm just not sure we're ready to give up our Biggest Loser, Gossip Girl & Football for The Polar Express & The Disney Channel. Bogey is enough responsibility for now---we'll practice with him for awhile. ;o)

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