Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Civic Duty & life gone too soon...

Today I headed to the Greene County Courthouse to fulfill my civic duty: Jury Duty!!! (sarcasm intended). I had originally been scheduled to appear on Monday & when I called the info line I was informed that I should call back last night to find out if I needed to appear. Well....I did & I am happy to say that I did not get selected. I was really happy---not only because it's boring but because the subject matter was just not something I wanted to deal with (high school coach vs. teen girls--I'm sure you can get the idea). We sat in the court room and answered hypothetical questions about whether or not we could provide a fair trial for both sides. It was the first time I had been called to jury duty and was actually kind of interesting to be a part of. At least my name should be off of the random list for awhile. Our questioning started at around 9:30 and the jurors were selected around 1:00. I was even able to make it back to work...YIPPPEEEE (more sarcasm intended!)
While I made it back to work, my day ended on an incredibly sad & horrible note. Around 3 pm we received word that a good family friend was killed in a tragic car accident at around 1:05 this afternoon. Knial was an accountant who had an office right down the street from my dad's & his son Matt was in my class all growing up. While Matt and I had kind of gone our separate ways after high school, I would still consider us good friends and my heart breaks for him right now. Matt & his dad always opened the doors of their home to any party & group of kids that wanted somewhere to hang. I've been to many gatherings at that house...Superbowl Parties, Birthday Parties, & parties just for no reason at all. I honestly cannot even begin to imagine what he's going through right now as I am completely sick to my stomach trying to grasp on to this realization myself. His dad was 59, had just quit smoking due to a recent heart attack and was such a good friend to so many people. I can't believe he's gone. My dad is taking this really hard as well--he's lost such a good friend. Please keep this family in your prayers as Matt is an only child & will really need support right now.

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