Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Bogey!!!

Today marks Bogey's 1st Birthday & although we aren't planning a huge doggy birthday party, it's certainly not going unnoticed. Hubby is stopping by Three Dog Bakery tonight to grab some special treats for our furry son & he'll probably get the privilige of coming inside to watch some college basketball with us tonight. In some ways I can't believe he's already one...but in others (as in how many things he has destroyed and how huge he is) I can't believe he's ONLY one. He's certainly a great dog & while he certainly tries our patience many times, we wouldn't trade him for anything. Here's some of my favorite pictures of our loveable son.

Almost always the biggest of the litter...we knew from the beginning he would be ours!

Oh the joys of being a little puppy!

Just trying to scratch that itch but stay happy all the time!

Shake, shake, shake!!!

Living the life at Grandma & Grandpa's house

Waiting patiently for a treat!

Surveying the storm damage with Dad!

Enjoying the sunshine

Please, oh please can I come inside?!?

Oh how I love the snow!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Bogey!!!