Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marking his "Spot!"

Well as I briefly mentioned in last night's post, Hubby & I are dog sitting for my parents. They have an 8-9 week old Havenese puppy which is similar to a Bichon-Maltese mix. Her name is Josie and she's absolutely adorable. Neither one of us are house dog people, but it's been fun to have her around the past 48 hours. I've failed to take any great pictures, but trust me...she's adorable. Although she's not completely house-trained she's definitely trying hard & even if she does have an accident it's such a small amount it's not a huge deal.

So...on to the point of my post. Bogey & Miss Josie met last night and she was basically terrified of him but eventually warmed up to this gigantic dog that wanted to sniff her all over. We didn't leave them alone for long at all & they seemed to be fine. He just seemed to wonder who this furball was that was invading all of his space. This morning (for reasons beyond my control) I had to let Bogey in the house for about 10 minutes before I came to work. He and Josie seemed to be doing just fine but then I turned my head for just one moment. When I looked back--there my loveable dog Bogey was, leg hiked & peeing on Josie!!! I couldn't even believe it. Bogey is not neutered so he's been prone to marking his spot when we go for walks--but never, and I mean never has he even acted like he was going to pee in the house. I rushed Bogey to the garage & shut the door while I cleaned up his mess. I certainly didn't have time to give Josie a bath, but I did wipe her down with a wet rag. It was more of a small stream instead of a drenching so I think she'll be just fine. She didn't seem bothered at all & who knows, maybe they'll be best friends now! Add another story to the list of Bogey mishaps!

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