Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick Little Getaway

Hubby & I certainly had a great time this weekend. Friday was just a night at home but Saturday mid-morning we got up and headed to St. Louis. We were able to get some nice shopping in & I picked up a pair of jeans at Anthropologie that were orignally $118 for $60--I was quite pleased with myself. Hubby has made me quite the bargain shopper. I also came home with a shirt from Anthro, a shirt from Nordstroms & a beautiful green vase from Crate & Barrel. Not quite sure where the vase is going but I just couldn't leave it at the store.

We had an incredible dinner at Ruth's Chris & were pleasantly surprised to see they now have an early bird menu that includes a salad, entree', side dish, beverage, & dessert. This saved us a bunch of money and we were able to get even more food than we had expected. The steaks were melt in your mouth wonderful, the service was fantastic & the chocolate mousse cheesecake was to die for! Yes it's a chain, yes it's expensive, & yes it's a steakhouse--but it might possibly be my favorite restaurant ever!

In addition to dinner, the Cirque show was fantastic!!! Hubby actually completely enjoyed himself & we were both amazed at the crazy things some of the performers could do. Most of those things just shouldn't be possible.

Sunday we slept in--mainly due to some obnoxious hotel guests & a very loud air conditioner--but then headed out for some last minute shopping where I finally got my first pair of golf shoes--they are absolutely adorable & even if I stink at golf, I'm going to look freakin' cute!! We got home at 4 and headed out to the golf course since it was beautiful outside!!! I also got to break in my new shoes...;o) The golfing didn't go so well but it was so nice to get out of the house & enjoy the nice Spring weather!

In other news, we have a magical dog on our hands. While we were gone, the neighbor boy was feeding & taking care of Bogey. Well, Sunday morning when he went to play with him he had managed to chew on the wire of his kennel & create a hole large enough to squeeze his body through--so he broke out of his metal kennel. What a dog!!! He is turning one year old this week & I am planning on creating a photobook through Shutterfly with pictures from the last year & a list of all the crazy things he has done/destroyed. I'll try to post the list just for entertainment purposes. We love him to death, but man is he crazy!!!

We also have a house guest parents are out of town & we are babysitting their new puppy, Josie. She is a Havenese house dog & is crazy in her own right, but it should be a fun evening with both of them.

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Lindsey said...

What a fun weekend!