Friday, October 15, 2010

Dinner Rescue: Chick-fil-A

Last night Hubby & I were in desperate need of a dinner rescue! No, it's not because I tried a new recipe and it was awful and it wasn't because Hubby over-cooked something on the grill...we actually had a very nice dinner planned complete with filet mignon, twice-baked potatoes, green beans, and grilled bread. Seriously...yum!

However, life had different plans for us as today is the extension deadline for individuals and partnerships in regards to their 2009 tax return. So...Hubby ended up working much later than expected at the office. He called to discuss dinner options and nothing was really all that appealing. So...with Chick-Fil-A only about a 15 minute drive for me and with it being on Hubby's way home from work I decided to surprise him by just meeting him there.

Well, the surprise didn't work as well as I'd hoped because I didn't get there in time---so I ended up just telling Hubby to meet me there...he was absolutely thrilled with the idea. So...we ended up having a gourmet meal of chicken nuggets & waffle fries. Chick-Fil-A thanks for being so yummy that you made up for a missed steak & potatoes meal at home!

The night couldn't have been much better, dinner at Chick-Fil-A, a walk with Bogey, and then last week's Biggest Loser on DVR (yes, we're behind)...complete with a bowl of ice cream.


Ria Thurston said...

:) Love it!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

it sounded like a great night! :) hope you have a great weekend!

Simply Me said...

Oh Chick FIl A how we miss you! We moved from Orange County, CA where we had one across the street so San Francisco where there is only ONE! It's over an hour away :(
Hope you had some yummy sweet tea for me too!! :)

Amanda said...

yum! having chick-fil-a is such i treat! i loooove it! the dinner you had planned sounded good too!