Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Evening Tidbits

So normally I try not to include days of the week in the title of my posts, especially not 2 posts in a row...but it's almost the end of the week and my creativity is lacking. It's been a fairly quiet week for me which has been nice, but I've also felt very productive!

~Even thought I hate it, last night was filled with cleaning my bathroom and master bedroom. I sincerely HATE cleaning the bathroom, but I do love how a clean house smells once it's all done!

~Today was a full day of continuing education, an E & O seminar to be exact.'s nice to be out of the office, but I'd much rather be doing something fun than sitting in a room full of professionals listening to all the ways I might be sued because of my errors or, fun, fun.

~On the bright side I made Pioneer Woman's Tequila Lime Chicken for dinner. This was the second time I've made this and it is sooo yummy! I served it with homemade Spanish rice tonight; but last time I just served it with a simple baked potato. It's a chicken dish with a great dash of flair!

~Last night I had dinner with one of my great friends from college. We hadn't gotten together in quite awhile and it was so nice to reconnect about life & everything that happens in our daily lives. I just love catching up with great friends, there's just something so refreshing about it!

~And, for even more girl time...tomorrow night is girls' night! I have no idea what our plans are, but we're meeting up for dinner and it's guaranteed to be a great time full of lots of laughter!

The weekend will mostly include some relaxation for me as Hubby takes another section of the CPA exam on Saturday afternoon. God-willing he'll be able to knock this section out! Prayers would definitely be appreciated! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

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Amanda said...

sorry you had to sit through that boring meeting today! i love a clean bathroom too. even though cleaning toilets and showers stinks! lol! have fun at your girl's night. hope your husband does well! :) xo