Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Rewind

It's been a lazy, cloudy weekend for me. I honestly haven't done a whole lot of anything & what's even better is that I don't even feel all that guilty about it.

Friday night was girls' night & while I had good intentions of taking a bunch of pictures, it turned into a casual night with pizza for dinner, Orange Leaf for dessert, and lots and lots of laughter. It was a great evening, I honestly couldn't ask for a better group of girlfriends. Maybe I'll get some pictures next time...

Saturday I had to work, and then I spent Saturday afternoon relaxing around the house. Hubby had his CPA exam (he felt fairly good about most of it) so I laid around for the both of us; complete with a nice nap. It was a cloudy, kinda rainy afternoon so it was perfect. After Hubby's exam we went to dinner & treated ourselves to Andy's Frozen Custard for dessert. Yum!!!

We finished up the night watching the big Mizzou vs. OU game. We're really not Mizzou fans, but we were certainly routing for them! They ended up with a huge win...arguably the biggest win in the history of the program!

Today has been another lazy, relaxing Sunday. Church, followed by lunch, some coupon-cutting, a little bit of yardwork, chili-making, and another weekend nap. It was wonderful. Hubby also finished up another flower-bed which we had started a few weeks ago. We seriously love working in our yard & really take pride in making it look really good!

We finished up tonight with a great small group that really convicted Hubby & I in a few areas; we'll be praying in the near future for God to use us and speak to us in incredible ways.

It's gonna be a great week...Hubby's taking this week off from studying so we'll have some great quality time & next weekend promises to be incredibly busy!


Lindsey said...

Sounds great, love lazy weekends and that you get some good quality time in with the boy this week! Enjoy friend!!:)

Heather said...

Are you talking about Orange Leaf yogurt? That's one of my favorite places to go!

Amanda said...

glad you had a good weekend! and we are so pumped for mizzou too!!! that was an awesome game! :)