Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall...where are you?

We had a fabulous weekend, but man, where are the fall temps? It's still upper 70s, low 80s and we're entering into late October. I'm definitely ready for the cool nights which are perfect for curling up in sweats and a blanket; as we took Bogey for a walk tonight, we almost broke a sweat!

Friday night we had dinner with one of our pastor's & his wife. They are basically in the same stage of life as Hubby & I and we just have such a good time with them. We normally try to visit a new restaurant when we get together. This time we headed to a new local place, Nicola's, which is actually owned & operated by the same chef who has a very successful restaurant in another part of town. The service was lacking a little, but the food was excellent and I was very pleased with the atmosphere. I would say we'll definitely go back, but we may wait a bit as the menu is quite limited and Hubby & I are both prone to being picky!

Saturday was incredibly laid back with the only commitment being a baby shower for my best friend Andrea. She's expecting her 3rd little one practically any day and it was so fun to get together with her friends & family to celebrate!

There was quite the crowd...and she got some adorable stuff for her baby boy!
She's seriously so gorgeous and such a glowing mom-to-be!

I bought her some adorable little outfits including this one...Love the gingham pocket on the bottom!

This blanket was so of the other girls' in our small group had her mom make this rag quilt!

Love this girl...she is simply amazing!

The rest of Saturday was kind of a blah day...we just hung around the house doing little things and then we headed down to my parents' house for a bit. Bogey got to go along and even enjoyed some time at my grandparent's pond. I swear, that dog would LIVE in the water if we'd let him!

The two most important men in my life...Hubby & Dad.

The weather was just beautiful...I always love riding the four-wheelers up to the pond and taking a few minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

Bogey & Dallas had plenty of time to play tug-of-war with the stick...Josie wanted to join in but was trying to avoid getting trampled by the big dogs!

Can we go home now? I need a bath!

We grabbed a quick dinner at Qdoba and then settled in on the couch with a Redbox movie. We chose It's Complicated with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and others. We both really enjoyed it! I highly recommend it for a mindless, entertaining romantic comedy!
Today was church--another wonderful sermon about listening for the whispers of God and how I am normally the biggest obstacle when trying to hear His voice. The rest of the day included a whole lot of relaxation; we did work out in the yard for a bit...Hubby weed-eating & edging while I started on the mowing. Who knows when we'll stop mowing if the weather keeps this up!?!? Small group finished up the weekend with some great conversations that went along with this morning's sermon.

Guess it's time for another week...I've managed to fill it up pretty fast but it should be fun!


Amanda said...

oh i have never been to nicola's! i will have to try it! baby showers are so much fun!! glad you had a nice weekend! :)

Ria Thurston said...

what a fun filled weekend! I love the picture of you with the mama-to-be. Too cute :)