Friday, October 1, 2010

Double Trouble

Or maybe with Hubby it was Triple Trouble...either way, we had the chance to babysit Hubby's precious nephews last night. Hunter will be 5 in October while Jackson will be 2 in a few days as well. We only had them for a few hours, but had a good time. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous so we were able to spend quite a bit of time outside.

We started with the standard dinner of pepperoni pizza before heading outside for some playtime with Bogey. Jackson wasn't too sure of this monster dog that just wanted to lick him; yet, he wanted to be right in on the action.

Love this, Jackson's on the loveseat staying away from Bogey, and Hubby's trying to keep Bogey away from the softball so he can pass it on to Hunter to throw. I, of course, was behind the camera and being of absolutely no help!

Jackson preferred to be in Aunt L's arms rather than being down near Bogey.

After fetch we went for a walk in our neighborhood.

Jackson loved being pushed around the the stroller

Silly Hunter, monkey boy!
After the walk, Hubby built an awesome fire & we introduced the boys to roasting marshmallows. Isn't that what aunts & uncles are supposed to do? Introduce your nieces and nephews to dangerous things like fire & fill them full of sweets like "smarshmallows"?
Hunter absolutely loved the fire, & watching the paper burn. Supposedly the fire was so big that Mamaw could probably see the smoke signals in Michigan--well maybe not quite, but it was a nice fire & an adorable thought.

Hubby & Hunter are best buds...of course Hunter decided to strangel Hubby at one point...

But then he was back to his sweet, love, love this photo!

Hunter was very proud of his smarshmallows--even if they were only slightly warm!

Jackson even got in on the fun...I just love watching Hubby with these two--he's going to be a fabulous daddy one of these days!
After Hubby extinguished the fire, we spent the rest of the evening with Legos building houses, forts, & cars. It was a fabulous evening, but let me just say...Hubby & I were exhausted after just a couple of hours. We were definitely more than ready for bed when the clock hit 10:00pm!


Amanda said...

oh how fun! i love playing with our nephews too! those are such cute pics of them. i hope you have a wonderful weekend lauren! :)

Joelle said...

your hair looks fantastic!

Jennifer Coffer said...

I can't believe how big the boys have gotten! They sure are cuties. Also, thanks for the b-day message. Hopefully we will see each other Sunday. Love ya!

Heather said...

So fun Lauren!! The boys look like they had a blast!! What a fun night and y'all are gonna make great parents one day!