Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Fall has finally arrived. The weather was absolutely gorgeous...and honestly, a little bit chilly at times! It was definitely a welcome break from the craziness of last weekend.

Friday night we did pizza & a movie with some friends of ours. It's actually one of Nick's colleagues and his wife and it was our first double date with them. We had a wonderful time & I was wishing we had chosen to do something other than watch a movie so we could just hang out and chat all night. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was the movie of choice & while it wasn't completely horrible, it got a little long in parts & was honestly a little hard to follow if you weren't completely up to speed on all the financial lingo. We still had a great time & hope to have many more double dates with the Yount's in the future.

Saturday meant work for me & class for Hubby. I was also in charge of picking my parents up from the airport as they were due back home from a week-long trip to Yosemite National Park. We were able to come home a chill for a bit before it was time for my grandpa's birthday party. About 18 of us met up at Zio's for dinner & cake and had a great time.
Most of us...not the greatest picture, but the best my aunt could do from the end of the table!

My fabulous grandparents...and the best cake flavor ever: Chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese icing--a family requirement!

Our family has the tendency to be a little loud & our poor waiter was the only one assigned to 18 of us! He did a fantastic job & was even gifted a piece of cake...he was SOOO happy!
After dinner, Hubby & I along with my cousin and his girlfriend headed back to our house for a relaxing night of college football. We considered going to a local sports bar to hang out, but eventually decided on our house. I'm so glad we made that decision--we were actually able to watch the game and enjoy some great conversation as well.
Today we had church, followed by a quick lunch, and then plenty of yardwork. The yard hadn't been mowed in 2 weeks and was in desperate need! I also said goodbye to many of the annuals I had in pots...they were just looking tired & I decided that petunias, snapdragons, & sweet potato vine just looked a little odd with a couple of mums. So now the mums are in and it's looking a lot like fall around here!
With the early service at church, we were able to do all that and still have a couple hours to just veg out before small group. We had another fabulous small group meeting & a great walk with Bogey. Now it's time to actually be productive and get some chores done....laundry and dishes to be exact!
It's time for another we go!


Tiffany said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! And that cake looks delicious! I LOVE good cream cheese icing!

Ria Thurston said...

This is greatttttttttttt :) Love the pictures!

Amanda said... dad and i went to zio's last week and that guy was our waiter!!!! haha! he did a great job for us too! :)